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What is Sniper Squad DJs?

Sniper Squad DJ's LLC is a DJ Career Development company. It was created to assist DJ's with the business aspect of being a DJ. We will teach you how to create your dj company, prepare your contract, negotiate your fees, market and promote your business, get music servicing, enhance your skills and build your network within the business industry. We are the only DJ Career Development company in the music industry. Sniper Squad Dj's is a company that gives DJ's a the opportunity to be on internet radio, express their creative styles without being  limited to what local radio allows them to play. Sniper Squad Radio aka 
Power WSSQ has radio shows from DJ's  around  the world all on one station.

Meet The Team


Audra ""DJ Reality" Murrell, President


Bonita " Adorable P" Payton, CEO


Delphine "DJ Silky D" Williams
West Coast Regional Director

Sniper Squad DJs LLC